About the project

The Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project is a $50 million initiative that will improve, enrich, and revitalize Kings Beach.  The first phase of the project which is called the Core of the Core, is now fully funded, permitted, approved and ready for construction to begin in the spring of 2014.

The second phase of the project is called the Gateway to the Core and will include all the remaining highway and grid improvements not constructed in the first phase.  The Gateway to the Core is fully designed and permitted, and the County is actively pursuing construction funding to build these improvements as soon as possible after completion of the Core of the Core.

Under the leadership of the Placer County Department of Public Works, the design and planning for the project took 15 years to complete.  The process involved a multitude of community members, regional agency representatives, and business owners who provided input to create a flagship project that will enhance the quality of life for this North Lake Tahoe enclave.

What is the Core of the Core?

The Core of the Core phase is what is currently underway, and it includes roadway, curb, gutter and sidewalk, parking, landscaping and drainage improvements on Highway 28 through the downtown core of Kings Beach.  The Core of the Core phase also includes construction of two roundabouts, one at the intersection of Coon Street and Highway 28 and one at the intersection of Bear Street and Highway 28.

Additionally, Placer County road improvements will be implemented in what is known as The Grid – the adjacent neighborhood streets of Kings Beach.  These improvements will consist of sidewalks, drainage, parking, and traffic calming measures.

Main components of the project:

  • Installation of a storm water management system, which makes this project one of the largest water quality projects ever undertaken at Lake Tahoe.

  • Construction of an innovative three lane street system.

  • Construction of two roundabouts, installed at two major intersections.

Construction of replacement parking

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Replacement parking is a major component of the Project.  Parking needs were measured at some of the busiest periods of the year and it was determined that 220 replacement parking spots were needed.  This need was measured on a block per block basis.  Replacement parking will be provided from either satellite lots or on-street stalls. The on-street parking is located on Placer County roads adjacent to Highway 28.  On-highway parking is also being created but is not counted towards the total number required.

Construction of sidewalk improvements

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Sidewalk Improvements:  New light fixtures, bear-proof trash containers, benches and bike racks will be installed as part of the sidewalk improvements.  The newly installed sidewalk materials will include pavers installed at the roundabouts and near the State Park to match existing pavers, colored concrete, and gray concrete where driveways provide access to businesses.

Installation of landscaping improvements

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Landscape pockets are designed into the streetscape plan at numerous locations along the highway frontage.  Plantings will all be native trees, plants, shrubs, and grasses.

Click here to download a PDF showing the Detailed Landscape Plan.

Installation of traffic calming devices

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Traffic calming devices have already been installed in the adjacent neighborhood grid, and more are planned to be installed during the construction seasons of 2014 and 2015.